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About Algo Capital

Algo Capital Management Limited is an investment management company with a presence in the United Kingdom.

The company targets institutional investors around the world who have an interest in tailored fund management products. The company is also active in the creation, solution and provision of structured equity, commodity products and natural resource securitisation products.

CFD, options

Please note that Algo Capital Management Ltd does not and has never engaged in the provision of any CFD broking, execution or any option trading services whatsoever to the general public. It is advised that any members of the public check very carefully with any counterpart that correct and truthful information has been provided. Care should be taken to make sure that a reply address is not misleading, remembering that it can be made to appear as if it is from the Algo Capital Management Ltd domain when on closer inspection the email label has been changed.

Algo Capital Management Limited is a UK incorporated company and is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (“FCA”).



Registered Office
Algo Capital Management Limited
24 Old Bond Street
London W1S 4AP
United Kingdom

Algo Capital Management Limited is a company registered in England:03757478